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November 1995
Made in Morocco by artisan parents. I am a first-generation college-goer and the eldest of 3. I am trilingual, and I love learning & exploring new ideas and concepts. I am a big fan of extreme sports; I love skydiving and boxing.
May 2013
At 17, I joined an international university and sailed to California for my first exchange experience at UC Berkeley. I then moved to live in the state of Georgia. Then transferred for another exchange in Tilburg University in the Netherlands.
May 2016
I landed my first corporate job at 20 years old with thyssenkrupp AG to help me with my university fees.
January 2017
Graduated with a Bachelor of science in psychology and human resources development. 🎉

“Ghita has proven that through hard work, follow-through, and teamwork, she can accomplish tasks in a courteous and timely manner.”

DR. Harit Satt - Al Akhawayn University

June 2017
Joined a French multinational company in the outsourcing industry as a project manager and completed a project management certification by the PMI.

“Ghita is for sure one the most young talented people I recruited in more than 20 years of HR and people management. She is smart, quick learner, very passionate, a doer and a good team player. Thanks to her entrepreneurial, communication, and high tech skills, she was able to deliver in a very short period of time plenty of projects in employer branding, recruiting and people engagement.”

Saad Berrada - HR director Intelcia Group

August 2019
Decided to change careers and pursue a Masters in Marketing in the UK. I worked in retail for a few months and as a marketing freelancer online to help with school expenses and fund my first business idea.

The name of my first business idea was Agnita. It was a facial recognition software to track student attendance and engagement in class. However, that idea soon was rejected by the university's ethics board, and lots of experts helped me realize that it would take a massive amount of investment to get it off the ground.



Recognised or to be recognised in Latin

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January 2020
I met my current co-founder around this time. I was looking to organize AI gaming events on campus and reached out to a couple of Robotics students to help with the event and also to help develop my coding skills. He was the only one that responded. Thus, Myfinder was born, an AR & AI system that allows the blind and visually impaired to hear objects and navigate towards them. Sighted people can volunteer as well on the app to further support the blind community in their lives.
November 2020
🚀 Techbible launches
COVID lockdown happened, and I had so much time on my hands to explore new ideas. My little sister wouldn't stop talking about TikTok, so I downloaded it and started posting videos of tech tools that I found fascinating and could help many people in their daily jobs and personal projects. See, since I started working, I had the habit of writing down in an excel sheet all the tools that I loved, so after four years, I had a database of over 1000 Saas tools. The content creation process was super fun, and I quickly noticed that people found the content helpful. Now, I am at more than a hundred thousand followers.
August 2021
Graduated my masters with a Distinction, and presented my research paper on Facial recognition for in-store marketing at multiple conferences. You can find a one-pager about it here.. I joined multiple accelerators and programmes including:

ACE IT, an immersive tech incubator, that funded our UX research for myFinder.

London health tech challenge, selected as top finalist. Check out our story in the programme.

The Center for Entrepreneurs acceleration programme, a fantastic experience that shaped what the myFinder startup is today and put me in front of many investors.

The Deutsche Telecom and Apple's AR innovation tech incubator, which helped us get our app featured on the AppStore and open our first investment round.
i am a ceo, content creator and consultant. I wake up everyday with the mission to support people in their growth and development journeys by presenting the right information at the right time. I am getting better at getting better everyday.
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